You make your decision then and there.\n\nThe king must be told now! The king must know that the dragon that threatened the realm has been slain.\n\nSnapping the reins, you send the stallion into a high gallop. You lean forward, beseeching the animal to move faster.\n\nThe dragon's lair was a few hours outside the nearest village but the dragon could always make it to the castle within minutes.\n\nThe sun was setting by the time you arrived at the castle. Through the gates your horse flew. You command your stallion to halt as you came upon the front of the castle.\n\nDismounting, you seized the satchel of treasure you brought with you and ran heedlessly into the throneroom where the king was hold court.\n\n"The dragon has been slain!" you boldly proclaim. You hold up your satchel and turn it inside out, dumping the contents on the table. "And it was sitting on a massive treasure trove!"\n\nThe king gave the order for a small contingent of his men to scout the cave and retrieve the fabled treasure. After the order was given, he turns to you and instructs you to return your treasure to your satchel.\n\nHe explains that you will be properly rewarded for your valour. In a month's time, you will be honoured at a palace ceremony where you will be properly knighted. He then tells you to go home and rest.\n\nYou've earned it!\n\nTHE END
You killed the dragon, now you reap what you sow.\n\nWith your torch in hand, you walk to the door that is ajar and push it open to get a better look at the grand room of treasures that lie beyond. You are awe-struck, no words can express the feelings you have at this moment.\n\nEverything you've trained for, all the sweat, blood, and tears; the toiling, the practice, the long search, it all ends here. With the spoils of victory. To you go the spoils.\n\nGems of all shapes, sizes, and persuasions glimmer. Gold dubloons, galleons and the like are piled to the ceiling. Staves, sceptres, goblets, and crowns. Sword, shields, helmets of all sizes! Every imaginable treasure can be found.\n\nYou were well-prepared when you set out on your journey. You brought two satchels. The other is with your loyal steed outside of the cave. Your satchel has a few provisions in it, but nothing important. You left the important stuff in the other satchel, freeing you dump out your current satchel.\n\nYou hold your empty satchel in your gloved hand. You stare at the treasure trove before you. What do you take?\n\nYou can either:\n\nFill your [[satchel]] with every imaginable treasure or take a few very valuable items and return [[later]] with the king's army to properly empty out the treasure room.
Smashing rocks together to make a fire is not what you envisioned when you set out to slay the dragon, among other things. It is probably one of the least glamerous aspects of your tale. You will probably not mention this if anyone asks. And why should they? It's just a pointless detail anyway that doesn't add to the thrill of your kill.\n\nYou chuckle to yourself. You imagine some kid saying, "I don't want to hear about the dragon, tell me how you relit your torch!"\n\nThat would never happen. No one wants to hear about how the hero smashed two rocks together like Og the Caveman. They want to hear your tale of valour and how you slew the dragon; how it fell on your sword. They want to hear of the moment of tension before you encountered the mystical beast.\n\nThe rocks you've been smashing together start to spark. You smile. At last, progress. The torch catches a spark. Seconds later, it's burning brightly.\n\nYou pick up the torch and examine your surroundings. You see two possible exits. One appears to be peril free, the other has signs of the dragon's treasure.\n\nWhat kind of hero would you be if you didn't bring something back, on the other hand, what will happen if you take that chance?\n\nGo to the [[treasure]] room.\n\nGo to the safe [[exit]].
Who needs a torch. You're a mighty hero! A knight in shining armour. You slew the evil dragon. You don't need a torch to find your way out of this forsaken cave. You can rely on your insticts.\n\nYou sling your sword over your shoulder and after briefly survying the area, you determine that there is an exit to the north. Boldly you walk in that direction. However, because it not adequately lit, you fail to see the huge jutting rock over head. You walk right into it.\n\nYou immediately fall over, hitting your head on another rock. Your vision blurs; your eyes flutter shut. You've lost consciousness. The rock did what the dragon couldn't.\n\nYou are dead. Your story ends here. Too bad you didn't use the torch.\n\nTHE END
You pick up your trusty torch. It's still warm to the touch. It should be easy to light.\n\nYou're thankful it didn't land in water. It merely extinguished because it landed in sand. You turn it over in your hands, looking for a small spark.\n\nIt's completely burnt out. There are no sparks or embers that can be used to bring the fire back to life. The only way to light it is to start a new fire.\n\nYou look around. Your resources are scarce. There isn't much of anything. Except rocks. There are rocks. Lots of rocks. Rocks everywhere. You need a rock, you can't swing a cat without hitting a rock. You need a rock? This is the place to find the rocks! There are small rocks, big rocks, shiny rocks, dull rocks, pointy rocks; round rocks. There are so many rocks that you now have rocks in your boots.\n\nYou are surrounded by rocks. Rocks can also be used to make fire.\n\nYou need to make a decision. You can either:\n\nBash two rocks together to make [[fire]] or you can [[throw]] rocks.
The treasure is all yours! You slew the dragon. The treasure belongs to no one else! Forget the king. His reward is nothing compared to the reward of killing the dragon itself.\n\nYour satchel may be small but you can always fill it then put the other treasure on your person. You have room in your armour, and some of it can easily be worn.\n\nGleefully you fill your satchel with all the gold, gems, and jewelry you can get your grubby hands on. You heap it into your satchel by the greedy handful. Your satchel is soon bursting at the seams. You move on to filling your armour with more of the same and in your haste grab a small black cat statuette with sapphire eyes. You are about to stash it away when you feel a strange sensation in your hand.\n\nYour hand as gone numb. You stare in disbelief at the small black cat statuette. Its sapphire eyes now glow. It is staring you in the eyes. You can't move. It has you hypnotized.\n\nYour whole body is now petrified. The black cat statuette was cursed.\n\nTHE END
With your magnificent new sword and shield, and your satchel, you cast one more glance back at the treasure pile. You turn and exit through the imposing doors that had been behind the dragon.\n\nYou step back out into the cave. The dragon is still dead. You are happy to know it didn't have any relatives or the ability to reanimate itself. That would have been inconvenient.\n\nYou hold up your torch, searching for the exit you saw earlier. It didn't take long for you to find it. You had a vague idea that it was on the wall opposite the treasure room.\n\nConfidently you stride toward the exit. You feel the earth crunch beneath your feet. From the sound, it's probably bones from one of the dragon's bygone meals.\n\nYou step through the door. It's a long corridor. You begin walking the corridor. You catch sight of a shadow against the wall but quickly realize it's yours.\n\nYou arrive at a fork in the road. You look right first. There seems to be a dead-end that way. You glance left. You hear water. You continue left.\n\nAs you walk left, you find yourself walking along a cliff side. You carefully mind your steps. Although the cliff isn't narrow, there is still a chance something could go wrong. Just because you made it out alive from the dragon fight doesn't mean you're safe. Not yet.\n\nA piece of rock snaps off the cliff under the weight of your boot and tumbles down the cliff side into the water. It was a good minute before you heard a splash.\n\nYou wait for a moment. You don't want to move. You need to check your footing to ensure that nothing happens. You move your foot around. Your heart races. It feels steady but you want to be sure of your footing.\n\nYou test the next step carefully. It feels sturdy enough. You hesitantly step forward. You feel your foot make contact with the surface. You sigh in relief. You bring your right foot forward to continue your march to freedom. Your right foot misses the surface and slips!\n\nYour arms flail.\n\nYour footing fails.\n\nYou fall from the cliff to the rushing waters below. You try to swim to the surface but your armour weighs you down. Alas, you sink like the sack of rocks you are.\n\nTHE END
You realize there is too much treasure here for one person to take. You know you can't take it all, however, after looking and touching the treasure, you realize you could take a handful of the gold coins, a few gems, a couple of rings, and a goblet to use on special occasions.\n\nThese you will keep. You deserve a little something for your efforts. You glance once more at the treasure pile and wonder if you made the right decision. You spot a second goblet. You take it to complete the set.\n\nSatisfied with your haul, you take final inventory of your selections and what remains. You decide you're satisfied with your selection and seal up your satchel.\n\nYou turn to pick up the sword and shield you left on the ground. You sigh. While both are still functional, the shield is singed and the sword is covered in dragon blood. You recall seeing a brand new sword and shield in the treasure pile. You leave your trusted weapons where they lay and retrieve a new set. The hilt of the sword is encrusted with rubies. You unsheath it and examine it in the light. You've never seen a metal such as this. It's a dragon fire-forged onyx. You swing it a couple of times. It has a nice balance to it. You replace it into the sheath and attached the sheath to your armour.\n\nYou pick up a shield. It seems to be fashioned of the same material, also adorned with a smattering of glistening ruby gems. You slide your arm in and hold it against your body. The shield starts to hum. You feel it's magic as it embraces you. The shield seems to have a life of its own.\n\nFastening the shield to your back, you pick up the satchel and remove your torch from the wall. It is time for you to leave.\n\nYou can either go back into the [[cave]] where the dragon's corpse is, or you can try the [[new exit]] from the treasure room.
The dragon is dead. Rejoice! Alas, the way you came is now blocked! The fight with the dragon must've caused the rocks to fall. You must find a new way out.\n\nThe cave has a little natural light. You also have a torch that you dropped when the dragon surprised you. The flame has been extinguished.\n\nWhat do you do?\n\nLook for an exit using the natural [[light]].\n\nOr\n\nTry and light the [[torch]].
Sure the dragon's treasure was tempting but you don't want to take any unnecessary risks. You slew the dragon. That is its own reward. That and whatever the king gives you. After all, you remembered to bring the dragon's head with you after you left. The king's reward is worth the wait and the self-control required to forgo the dragon's treasure.\n\nThe exit you chose is fraught not with peril. For you decided upon the easy route. There are wide cliff-sides, high-ceilings, no unexpected surprises. It is safe. Nice and safe. Nothing could possible go wrong with this choice. It was the safer choice.\n\nYou find yourself walking for a while, but you were expecting to. This is an alternative exit. It's going to be a long route. Unfortunately it's not very scenic.\n\nIt also seems to be taking a long time.\n\nAfter what seems like hours, you hear water. Now you've got to take a massive piss, but poor you, you're stuck in your suit of shining armour. If only you opted for the more flexible chain mail, you wouldn't have this conundrum. But enough about your suffering because let's face it, you're going to piss yourself before you even get to the river.\n\nSo, a few minutes pass and you find yourself facing the river. You were also lucky enough to find a bridge to the other side. It appears sturdy. You place a foot on it, nothing happens.\n\nThe first good news in a while.\n\nHappily you begin to cross the bridge. About half-way across your foot gets caught in the plank. Because the gods have decided your luck ends here.\n\nYou vainly try and wiggle your foot free. Alas, you cause the bridge to sway violently. It eventually bucks, tossing you into the river below.\n\nYou sink. Did you really think you were going to swim in that suit of armour? Hah!\n\nTHE END
The king will be there in the morning. You would rather bring your treasures to your beloved and tell your beloved of your adventures.\n\nYou ride until sunset and arrive at a modest home. It is in the city with the king's castle.\n\nYou dismount from your horse and walk your loyal companion to the small barn in the back. There you remove the saddle and the satchels that it has been carrying. You remove the beast's bridle and pet its mane.\n\nYou remove your armour and hang it nearby. You then pick up your satchel of treasure and walk for the house. Upon entering, you announce your arrival.\n\n"Did you bring the bushels of barley I asked for?"\n\n"Uh... what barley?" you reply. You don't remember anything about any barley.\n\n"The barley you said you were going to get me this morning when you asked me if I needed anything for this batch of malt I'm making for the king's guard."\n\n"I didn't get it."\n\n"Then where were you all day?!"\n\n"I killed the dragon."\n\nThere was a moment of silence. "That still doesn't get me my barley any faster."\n\n"And I got you a goblet!" You emptied the contents of the satchel onto the table. You smile gleefully.\n\nYou beloved glances at the goods on the table. Your beloved then picks up a goblet, examines it. After carefully looking it over, your beloved smacks you over the head. "When you tell me you're going to bring me barley, I expect barley!"\n\nYou take your treasure and go cower in the corner. You may have slain the dragon, but the real dragon is your beloved. And all because you didn't bring home barley like you promised.\n\nTHE END
Barley Fetch Quest
The rocks make you angry. There are so many rocks. You have never seen so many rocks in your life. All you wanted was to get out of this cave but all you see are the rocks. The rocks are taunting you now. And why wouldn't they? You're really mad now!\n\nYou hear the rocks. They are talking about you. They are saying you never really killed the dragon. You're just a silly little serf who got lost on his way to the market.\n\nNo! You say.\n\nYou pick up a nearby rock. You hold it in your hand. It fits nicely in it. It's got a lovely weight. You feel the weight of it in your hand. You caress the texture before tossing it into the yawning abyss that lies before you.\n\nThere is a satifying thud as the rock hits something. You don't know what that something is. There is a second of silence. Then you hear something. It sounds like a distinct rumbling. The rumbling vibrates the ground. You look up to realize that the rock you threw has triggered a landslide of rocks.\n\nYou try and run. Or at least your mind does. Your body is frozen in place. All you can do is stand there. The rumbling grows louder and closer. Within seconds the avalanche of rocks tumbles unceremoniously on you. Mercilessly burying you.\n\nSure you live, but no one ever finds you alive. You die after two and a half weeks of starvation. Eventually some plucky explorers find your skeletal remains and wonder of your fate.\n\nTHE END
The exit from the treasure room conviently reconnects with the original entrance. You are happy to discover this after you move a small boulder out of the way.\n\nYou look to the end of the long hall. You can see the light of day at long last. You place your torch on the wall and wander toward the exit where your noble stallion awaits your return.\n\nAs you emerge, the light of day bombarding your eyes, you see your loyal companion napping beneath a tree. You walk to it. From the satchel still on its saddle, you remove a handful of food. You hold it in your gloved hand in front of the horse's face. Your loyal stallion's nose twitches as it picks up the scent of a delicious treat. It eagerly eats the treats from your hand as you stroke its mane.\n\nThe stallion stands up. You straighten its saddle and prepare to mount it. You fasten the satchel you've been carrying to the other side of the saddle. Once everything is secure, you climb onto your stallion and press your heels into it.\n\nThe stallion enters a paced trot.\n\nAs you ride back to town, you wonder whether you should go straight to the [[king]] or if you should tell your [[beloved]] of your triumph.